Tuesday, April 14, 2009

A Baby Step

After three days of trying unsuccessfully to get myself back on track I was finally successful yesterday. I felt good that I managed it but I physically felt sick. Now this may sound strange but I know it was my body trying to trick me again. Whenever I feel nauseau I eat carbs and everything settles down. I dont know why it happens and I dont know why I do it but it is a cycle I have fallen into. Anyway I survived Day 1 - here I go on Day 2.

Have worked out my meals for this week and hopefully will be able to follow it without too many spanners being thrown into the works.

Am going to have to sort out all my deferrals from the gym and weight watchers. See if I can defer the defferals for a couple of weeks.

Sore on foot is healing well and should be gone by time of next appointment with surgeon. I am afraid I am a sneaker and ugg boot girl from now until I reach hospital except for the wedding in a couple of weeks where I will wear my skiboot thingey to protect my foot. I am now officially paranoid.

Am using this time to sort out a few things. Have finally signed my tax and all ready to be posted off today. Getting rid of magazines that I have kept for years. Being ruthless. Still having a look through them before trashing but am pulling less things out. I love recipes but know I will never get to cook half of them so what is the point and nowadays there is always the internet.

Have told builder what we would like in the bathroom. Awaiting his response. We may have to defer this project a couple of weeks too as cant quite comprehend foot in plaster, crutches and no bathroom.

Happy Easter Tuesday everyone. Many many moons ago (and I am showing my age now) this used to be childrens day at the Royal Easter Show. Have a great day.

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