Friday, April 17, 2009

Best not talk about it

Went to weight watchers last night. Recorded loss of 100g but I manipulated the figures. I usually wear my sneakers but I wore thongs instead. I have probably put weight on but we wont talk about that. I miss exercising so much especially now that the weather has turned autumnal (that may be a made up word).

Last night was not a good night food wise again and the wine wagon fell on me again. I am either going to have to go to bed at 7 or work out a strategy to get me through this time of night. Suggestions welcomed.

My google reader count is steadily going down. It was up to a massive 198 but now down to well under 100. The only thing that stops me is that it keeps playing up and signing me out so after a while I give up for the day.

A friend called in yesterday and I was talking about my efforts to reduce the number of magazines lying around the house and how I didnt seem to be able to just recycle them. I had to flick through them again and pull out recipes, hints etc that "might come in handy". I am going to have to now go through this pile again too as it is growing quite large. She was the same but she also said that it had dawned on her that she could probably find a recipe on the internet so why was she clipping recipes. Good point.

I emailed the builder about the extra project we wanted done. His wife said he was lying in the corner of the room in a foetal position sobbing. Apparently he has more work than he needs which is great for him but not so good for me. I may have to kidnap him.

Spoke to my resident handyman about changing my study around and lowering benches. Seems willing to comply. Of course I would like it to happen this weekend but I think I have Buckleys. I have decided that I have just about finished folkarting. I have a couple of projects to finish and that will be that but I dont want to give up the group. So I may take my embroidery with me sometime and just sit and sip tea, sew and chat.

Further jobs accomplished yesterday - glass jars to pickle lady at local markets, box of surplus mugs to Lifeline and clothes that had been bagged and dumped in lounge room months ago finally sent to charity bins and of course, more mags disposed of.

Another beautiful day here - planning gym session with the weights and grocery shopping and coffee with Jess. She is working at the Show this afternoon. Pilates tomorrow morning (new instructor) and rugby tomorrow night.

Have a good weekend.


  1. Could do with you here for lots of little jobs! Glad to hear the foot is coming good and you are quite right to be so careful with it - want to get the show on the road! Ive foresworn (is that a word?) the grape for now and gee it does make a difference for me. Take care Z xx

  2. Need a handyman around here too...heaps of little jobs to be done, (like painting!!) me or hubby just don't seem to have the time!