Monday, April 20, 2009

Another week

We had a good weekend. Friday night was a spur of the moment dinner with friends. Steamed barra, small roasted potatoes and steamed greens and homemade tartare sauce. It was the nices meal I have had for a while.

Saturday I was going to try and get to pilates but Jess needed a new tyre on her car and for some reason was stressing out about having to do organise it. I dont understand her sometimes. Anyway visited one tyre shop and they didnt have it in stock but gave her a price and then came home and I rang around until I found the best price and who also had it in stock. Made appointment for Saturday morning before pilates thinking this wont take long. An hour and a half, two new tyres and a wheel alignment later all thoughts of pilates had disappeared. Oh, and I also paid for them as this was not in her budget. She is good with her budgetting so suggested she might see what she could put away for car maintenance in future.

Went to the rugby on Saturday night. Another lacklustre game. I dont know whether it is the new rules or what but Super 14 rugby is appalling and boring. I cant believe that I made the effort and trust me it was a big effort considering the state of my ankle to go and watch them again but I have decided that we are going to save ourselves $600 odd dollars next year and not bother. We can watch it on TV in the comfort of our own home.

Because of all the unwanted exercise I spent yesterday in bed. And it was a great day to spend in bed too. Raining and blowy. Actually I can hear the rain hitting the deck roof now but unfortunately I have things to do today. So up the painkillers and off I go. Might just finish my rereading of an old favourite book first.

Winter seems to have finally thought about arriving here although it is not that cold. Might dig out the long sleeved tshirts today.

Have a marvellous Monday.

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