Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Where Do I start?

Am sitting in my study wondering where to start with the decluttering and cleaning.
How on earth did I manage to accumulate so much paper, books, magazines and craft stuff.
This must be the worst room in my house.
Feeling swamped and ready to give up before I start.
Or it could just be the weather and/or pain level.
Oh well, as my daughter says "pump up princess".
Time to start but maybe a cup of tea first.


  1. Didn't you know - a cup of tea fixes everything??? - not sure about whether or not it can declutter though! Take care Z xx

  2. Yep.....a cuppa fixes everything, did it help with the de-cluttering?

  3. Yes a nice cuppa tea...the cure for everything. Have you de-cluttered yet???