Friday, April 24, 2009


Jess doesnt want me to mention it to anybody until after I see if I get through this wedding tomorrow but my operation is scheduled for Saturday 2nd May as long as I dont have anymore blisters etc.

Visit to doctor a success.

This parking permit I have for 6 months is proving a godsend. Jess was able to park, in Chatswood (very very busy) virtually outside his building. It was also unlimited which is always good because doctors dont run on time.

I have just tried on my ski-boot thingy to wear tomorrow to protect my foot. I will look ridiculous but who cares. This is more important. If I could get out of going to the wedding I would because it is going to be a difficult day with taxis (on Anzac Day!), boats - getting on and off and a wedding party where I will have to sit (strictly no dancing allowed).

Had trouble finding something that fits me anymore because over the past two weeks I have blobbed out. Virtually no exercise and eating pretty much everything. Strange but I am looking forward to returning to my normal life hopefully within the month.

One more week before operation, two weeks in plaster and four weeks in my ski boot for real. At this stage the surgeon said I will be able to weight bear which I know means not walking the dog but hopefully means some movement.

Since all the children have sort of left home (visit often) I downgraded our internet because I thought we didnt need to have so much download stuff. Big mistake. Forgot Mark works from home and I have been visiting lots of those 'Britain you've got talent' sites lately and we have run out of download and are at dialup speed again. How did we ever put up with the slowness. Fought my way back onto the internet and upgraded again but it takes 24 hours. All should be back to normal soon thank goodness.

House is starting to look so good and clean. Study was a challenge and have not really resolved it but it looks better except I've just noticed the windowsill. Today is finishing the lounge and dining room which has proved bigger than I expected and maybe moving on to the family room.

Mark is supposed to ring up and order the new lounge for family room today so everybody keep your fingers crossed that he remembers/has time. If it had have been up to me this lounge would have been ordered in February but sometimes we have to step back and let our other half make a very expensive decision.

Have a great day.


  1. Where would we be without high speed internet...
    Glad you have a date for your op...fingers cossed for no more blisters.

    Enjoy the wedding....take care.

  2. Yes - fingers crossed for you! Best of luck Julie:-)