Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Holidays - Bliss

You can tell I'm on holidays - I have lots of time to do stuff. The days are beautiful (sometimes still a bit too hot and humid - it is April after all) and I love being at home.

Have deferred all my deferrals for a couple of weeks until next attempt at operation.

Yesterday's baby step was okay. A couple of very thinly sliced homemade bread with a little bit of butter was my biggest sin. No wine - Day 2.

Lots of little jobs done:
More magazines into the recycling bin
Light bulbs replaced and glass covers washed
Kitchen benches tidied up so I have more room to spread out when I am cooking
Pencil/pen container near phone cleaned out (the stuff that gets shoved in here is mind boggling)
House generally tidied and things put away.
Finally sent our tax papers back to the accountant

Things I would like to purchase this holidays (but maybe not):
A dehumidifier for the house
A new sewing machine
A small camera
A new computer (working on the powers that be for this one)

Have a happy day!

Onwards and upwards today.

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  1. Always a good feeling to have tiem to do those little jobs. Enjoy your break and the good weather:-)