Monday, October 17, 2005

Binge Hour or Two

Practised my t'ai chi this morning. Did the small movement over until I felt that I was doing it the way Jorge wanted us to do it. He mentioned on Saturday, that if we keep practising it eventually will become just a normal part of what we do, like driving a car it will become automatic and we can do it without thinking. I liked that analagy.

Went well today until this afternoon. That terrible time between getting home from work/gym and dinner. Something I am going to have to work hard at. I hate myself when I give in to the cravings because it is not hunger just my mind. So what to do. Will check out the weight watchers forums for ways to help combat this. I know they will have ways to help me.

Family is being combative tonight. Dont know what gets into them sometimes. Oh well, they will get over it I guess.

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