Saturday, October 29, 2005


So much for good intentions last night. Didnt carry through my good intentions. Had 3-1/2 slices of pizza, about 4 glasses of wine and few nibblies. Sooo... I'm behind the 8ball this week to start and one more lunch to go at my sisters tomorrow and then drinks again tomorrow night. Damn! I found and partially read Wendie's plan this week so I am going to apply that. I managed to crib back some points today.

I have a toothache. Started yesterday and strangely is only affected by hot. Looks like a visit to the dentist. I can be such a chicken sometimes.

Got a letter from the foot surgeon (I know they have another name but I'm in a hurry) yesterday - His charges are somewhere between $700 and $1800 depending on whether I will need a bone graft as well as a plate. I spoke to the health fund the other day and I think the hospital is covered completely except for extras so that just leaves the "puter to sleep person" and the assistant surgeon.

Tai Chi was really good today. The time just flies past. We were shown the complete Cloud movement today. Heaven help me - I dont know whether my memory will hold all those moves but I am going to give it a good try.

Lists are back in action and working well. Have managed to get some order back into the house. Anyway tonight is the beginning of daylight saving and I was going to try to get to bed early but hasnt happened. I usually go through the next 6 months jetlagged and in a fog but hopefully I wont this year.

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  1. Ouch!! For both the bill and the surgery. But thank goodness for health cover. With the putter to sleep person, I think you can negotiate fees for them with the hospital before hand. So I would do that.

    Your celebrations weren't toooooo bad, but there will a lot more temptations put before you. You can overcome these and turn them around to suit you. You can !!