Thursday, October 27, 2005


I live by lists. I really cant survive without them although I try from time to time and chaos and anarchy reign in my life - such a time has just passed and Im back into my lists again. I dont know what is about it but if I list the things I have to do, mainly at home, then cross off each one as I go I feel like I am accomplishing something. Anyway, after a while I think this is ridiculous I know what I have to do each day, I dont need to do this list thing and that's when chaos and anarchy descends on my life. This scenario plays itself endlessly - rather like my weight loss regime - I know how to eat properly I dont need to follow a diet - wrong! You would think at my age I would understand this but I guess there are somethings we never learn. (Note to self: dont be so hard on kids when they forget for the nth time to put toaster away, hang up wet towels etc etc.)

The thing that has brought me back to my list is I having been really vague and dithery these last 3 days. Luckily the vagueness mainly happens in the afternoon after I get home from work but I must have been bad yesterday because DD offered to cook dinner for me which I really appreciated.

The other "bad" thing that happened yesterday was for the last 4 months I have been thinking/hoping that I was on my way to menopause. Now I know menopause has lots of bad side effects such as the flushes, etc but it also has a liberating phase. I have spoken to my doctor and she said you have to wait 12 months without periods before you can be classed arriving at menopause but that I was perimenopausal. Unfortunately my hopes were dashed yesterday and Im back at square one. I think that this event threw me a bit too which probably didnt help the vagueness. Anyway, enough of that......

Today is another glorious Sydney day in a suburban national park. The goanna was downstairs today hunting the water dragon eggs. I know its just nature, but I love the water dragons so I asked my boss to move him on which he did under protest. The lyrebirds havent turned up today yet although I heard them earlier when I arrived at work. The male dances and runs up and down on the ledge outside the rec room window and lately he has brought his lady friend to entertain too. I think they like their reflections.

Another box of wine arrived this morning from one of our regular suppliers up in the Hunter. Last week it was Lucy's Run, this week it is Petersens and I had a call from Ivanhoe's the other day and their tasting box should be here soon.

Weigh in tonight - I know I feel better even if that damn "sabotage fairy" is laying traps for me everywhere and I definitely am finding that even after a week my clothes are quite as tight. My mind is playing little tricks on me like saying I am tired because Im not eating enough which is rubbish - Im eating heaps just not entire packets of Jatz in one go. (LOL).
Keeping my fingers crossed anyway.


  1. I am a lists girl too but realise that I haven't done a good home list for a while. That could explain the state of my house LOL.

    Have a great weigh in :)

  2. I am a list girl too - the number of note books i have is terrible!
    Your work sounds like so much fun:)