Wednesday, October 19, 2005

Have just about decided to return to Weight Watchers. There is a meeting on Thursday nights at 6:30 which I could rearrange a few things to get to. Or should I just get the books out and do it myself and put the $15.00 a week in a reward fund. Oh decisions decisions.

Found a great website Discovery thanks to Slim Suzy. There was a section "Getting Started Journaling" which asked you to complete the following phrases:

I am eager to .... live the healthiest life I can live.

I doubt myself when .... I fall off the diet wagon yet again.

I feel powerful when ... I achieve one of my goals.

I'm proud of myself because .... I have a good relationship with my two adult children and my wonderful husband.

My 10 favourite things are ... white oriental lillies, afternoon sunlight through trees, smell of bush after rain, walking along beach in winter, family, Lucy my dog, my home, visiting Kiama in February, visiting Hunter Valley in July, Sydney.

I am most grateful for ... my husband.

I can simplify my life by living without ... stress and clutter.

I feel my mission in life is to ... live the best life I can, be there for my children when and if they need me and make my husband's life as easy and stressfree as possible because he does the same for me.

In my wildest dreams ... I couldnt have imagined being married for over 30 years to someone who helps keep me sane and loves me for unknown reasons.

I believe in myself because ... because I am the only one who has to.

Also on this website was Dr Peeke's 12-Week Weight-Loss Program which has lots of good hints which I will incorporate in my week by week weight loss challenge to get to DD 21st in early December.

Well, onwards and upward from tomorrow. Either way I will weigh in tomorrow night at 6:30 pm, take measurements and post them here tomorrow night as a record I can look back on. As I've been typing this I think I have decided that I will put the money aside for me - maybe a new dress for the party or hairdo or eyelash tint ... whatever it will be a reward.


  1. Anonymous9:10 AM

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  2. Hi Julie. Yaaaahooooo for letting me know that you have a blog up and operational. I have just caught up and I am so glad that you are getting some use out of the Tai Chi. Even though your foot is not the most stable.

    In regards to joining WW'ers you might find you have a problem if you have that amount of weight to lose. You need to be more than 6kgs over the goal weight they set. But since joining ww is free at the moment it can't hurt to go to the first meeting and see what you think. I think you can do it. I think you will look sensational at your DD's 21st. It's a great motivation.

    I hope you have a wonderful day tomorrow, and when I remember, I will add you to my 'must reads' - if you want me too :)

    I noticed that you have a few deleted comments. If you have been getting spam you can turn on the word verification tool (it tells you how from the dashboard from memory). That should cut out the silly comments. OK. Catch up later :)