Wednesday, October 26, 2005

Small steps matter

Went over my points yesterday. I have one of those electronic point calculators which I find really helpful so I actually checked the points of what I was eating rather than just accepting that bread roll = 2 points.

The breadroll was actually 2.5 and that Ski DLite yoghurt I had was actually 3 points so not very lite at all. With a few adjustments only went 0.5 over but still it was a bit sobering. Anyway still have points saved which absorbs tiny hiccups like this and I may or may not use them this week. I know I cant carrry over points saved to next week.

Went to folk art last night and that is usually my downfall because there are always lots of bikkies there but for once I was good. I took my own skim milk and sweeteners for the first cuppa and the second I had herbal tea. That lifted me a bit because it showed me that I could do it if I tried and it wasnt that hard.

Good news - I found my prescription sunglasses last night. Had been missing for 5 days and I had turned the house upside down, empty my bags a number of times, searched work and asked at the gym all to no avail. Had even made an appointment to get my eyes tested again (nearly time for my two yearly checkup anyway) and get new ones but when I picked up my folk art basket last night there they were, hiding underneath. Such a good feeling to find them.

Finished my elves last night and Pen is going to varnish them for us because they are going to sit outside in pots and needed to be varnished in marine varnish. Found a pattern for some santa ornaments that I can paint for my girlfriends this year now that I have finished the angel set that I have given them for the last, must be, 6 years. Pen's husband will cut out the shapes for me. Plus we decided to paint a deep tray with a series of santas on it as our other christmas project. Just have to find one now or something similar.

Finally, vale Rosa Parks - a strong woman whose innate dignity and sense of freedom ignited a movement 50 years ago. May she rest in a paradise where colour doesnt matter. Small steps matter.

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  1. Oh I would go mad if I lost my glasses. I only have the one pair and they are forever falling off my face thanks to happy little fingers who like to take Mummy's glasses off. LOL.

    Your blog is coming along really well Julie. Hope you are having a lovely day :)