Saturday, October 15, 2005

In the Cloud

Well T'ai Chi was an eye opener. All done standing - no sitting which was a bit of test for the old foot but in spite of that really enjoyed it. Only learnt a small part of a movement and will have to practice it for the next week. I think it was called the Cloud movement - not sure. Slept in so missed breakfastbecause I didnt want to be late for first class but had some yoghurt and fruit at the gym before pilates so it all worked out. They assure me that the yoghurt is low fat but it tastes too good.

DH and I went last night to look at venue for daughters 21st. Really think it is going to be good. Near the station and lots of atmosphere. Just have to get the invites out now and decide on food and music.

Food intake progressing well today. Had yoghurt for lunch and then smoked salmon and a bagel for lunch.

Had a small bet in the Caulfield Cup. Only a trifecta and a boxed quinella but only one horse got up so missed out but it gave me something to cheer for when everyone was watching it.

Finally caught up on some paperwork at home so my desk it looking really good. I find I dont operate well in chaos - it effects me somehow and makes me depressed and unhappy. So some order is good.

DH played golf today but he really shouldnt as it puts him in a bad mood. Heard the same old record today - "I'm never playing again". Sure sure.

Finally a quiet weekend - looking forward to an early night.

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