Thursday, October 20, 2005

Miss Piggy ride again

Funny thing happened yesterday. After I decided that I will return, more or less, to weight watchers and that I will weigh and measure Thursday nights at 6:30 pm - it was as if ... okay Ive got a couple of days to pig out before I start starving myself.
I know that "starving" myself is not true, I think I am an intelligent woman, but heavens, this is what I have to fight against.

I ate so much yesterday that I was quite unwell last night. I think that this is some kind of disease ... or just plain stupidity.

Anyway, I will try to curb my eating today and just prepare myself for the start tomorrow of my new "live-it" plan.

I have so much to be grateful for - this is not a huge problem - it is a small hiccup that I will overcome.

Watch out world - here I come!


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  2. Good luck for this week:)