Friday, October 14, 2005

To Weight Watch or not to Weight Watch

Doing this from work today and now holidays have finished I dont seem to have a lot of time.

Managed to keep to my diet yesterday without too much sabotaging. Just a small pack of fruit and nuts as a mid afternoon snack and a glass of red pre dinner last night when hubbie got home from work.

Now for the bad news, hopped on the scales this morning and there has been a weight gain. Not surprising really as I have been a bit of a loose cannon lately. Will have to change my ticker when I remember how to do it.

Trying to decide whether to start going to Weight Watchers again either by going to meetings or joining the at home program, or since I have all the books just doing it at home - but I dont think it is quite the same.

Now spring is here, I really am missing walking especially in the morning. I am still trying to go to the gym three time a week plus tomorrow I start t'ai chi which I am really nervous about but looking forward to. Hope I dont make a fool of myself too much. After that back for my normal pilates class.

Quiet weekend ahead which I am looking forward to for a change and the weather bureau has promised some rain which the gardens need badly.

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