Tuesday, October 25, 2005


Looking out my window at work I can see that I work in one of the most beautiful environments imaginable. I work in a national park and my office looks out onto water and grassy picnic areas. While this place is fairly chaotic during the weekends it is peaceful most of the time on weekdays. No matter what the weather or what the time of year it is a special place. When I first came to work here it was a fairly dank and cold building but over the years lots of changes have been made and it is now very very comfortable. We are only a small team but get on very well - they are like a second family to me and we often share our woes as well as our triumphs.

For some reason I feel really happy at the moment. Except for a brief run-in yesterday with DS who is constantly crying poor but seems to have lots of money for what he really wants to do (I call him a sunshine sucker) I had a great day.

Yesterday was my sisters birthday. This is her last year in the 50's. Its funny I dont feel old and neither does she. I guess as long as we are young in our minds, and our bodies can keep up, it doesnt matter how old we are. She is a bit of a worry though - she is only little and has put on a lot of weight over the last five years. Dangerous weight too. But I cant push too hard for her to lose it or she gets prickly (as I probably would too if someone was telliing me something I didnt want to hear). Anyway we are having lunch with her and her partner on Sunday for her birthday.

Kept to my diet yesterday very well. Was tired last night but other than that I was fine. My gym session was a bit of a strain but I did it and felt better for having done it. Drank more water too - must have nearly drank mandatory 2 litres.

Thought I had to go to the rheumatologist this morning and was having a bit of a sleep in when I realised that the appointment is next Tuesday. Much panic and rushing to get up and back on track so I could get to work but managed it somehow. My memory is a bit of a worry and also the fact that I forget to check my diary.

Oh yes, and I seem to have forgotten the new movement that we learnt at Tai Chi on Saturday. We are told to practise it within half an hour of getting home on Saturday for that very reason.

Had breakfast out on the deck with DD (who I think was still half asleep). Such a beautiful morning - I think I love this time of year for the mornings. I love autumn too for the cool nights and beautiful days.

Daylight saving this weekend - not sure if I am looking forward to it. I seemed to be tired for the 6 months it runs as if my body clock never adjusts. Will see if there is a change with my new healthy lifestyle.


  1. What a lovely place to work!
    My sister gets upset if i try to help her eat healthy too - you really have to want to lose weight:)

  2. Sounds like a great place to work. And on days that seem like it is too much, you need only to look out the window.

    Well done on your tracking and monitoring. Keep it going and it will get a little easier. :)