Saturday, October 22, 2005

A Light Bulb Moment

Well Day one was okay. Managed to stay within the point range (20 + 2.5 for exercise) even with going out to dinner. We went to Chinese but couldnt have what was on the diet so substituted (forgot my eating out guide) but miscalculated a bit but it wasnt too bad.

Day Two has been okay so far but I had a bit of a light bulb moment today at tai chi. Learning tai chi takes a long time - you learn a small part of a movement every week and practise that for the week and then learn another small part next week. I guess in 9 weeks I will know a complete movement.

The light bulb moment was weight loss is a bit like that. A small bit every week and finally the goal, end result etc. etc. Maybe I can link the two - learn the movement and lose weight.

Almost forgot my weight is 71.3kg. Will change myticker when I can find Margaret's instructions.

I am very excited about this but I suppose everyone is when they first start.


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