Sunday, October 16, 2005

A New Goal & Trouble Brewing

It hit me like a lightening bolt last night - I really do have a goal for losing this extra weight. DD 21st birthday! So I dont spend the night dodging cameras because I know that I will turn out looking extremely overweight in every photo. I dont know why, because Im not that overweight but it happens every time. Anyway, I have about 6 weeks to lose 6 kilos. So here goes and lets hope I can buy a really nice dress to wear on the night.

Plus a bonus will be that there will be less weight to carry around on crutches after my foot operation.

Trouble is brewing again in my family. I dont know what is wrong with them - they can be very underhanded at times. Mum rang this morning, again really early, and left a message with DH that I had gotten rid of her for Christmas as she was going to my sister in Queensland even though it will be very hot and she is not sure how to get to the airport. Anyway eldest sister (ES) didnt have the politeness to tell me what was going on before she spoke to Mum, so I guess Mum is feeling cross at the moment. Will ring her later and try to sort it out without too many repercussions. I feel I have to start standing up for myself as diplomaticly as I can.

Good luck to me:)

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