Monday, October 31, 2005

To be or not to be - a Sook!

I am such a sook aren't I and I can only put it down to too much wine. Thanks for all your words of support - I think I am back on track today and plan a gym session this afternoon plus I will be cutting back a little each day to compensate for this week's blow out. My little goldfish on my ticker seems to have a long way to swim but Im not complaining I know it could be worse.

Have made an appointment with a new dentist to get my tooth looked out tomorrow afternoon. Everyone says it sounds like a cracked filling - I hate dentists but this guy is supposed to be lovely. I have too other dentists - both good too but one charges like a wounded bull and the other one is booked out until mid December with a dragon on reception who just says we cant help you.

I came home from my sisters yesterday with another canary. She had two and they were so noisy that she couldnt bear it so we bought one home and poor Spike (our canary) is wondering what hit him. This new canary is small and spritely and never seems to stay still. Hopefully it will sing like it did at my sisters. Might go to the markets on Sunday and get a bigger cage. I can just see DH rolling his eyes now (LOL).

DS has been nominated for apprentice of the year and we are suitably chuffed with him. He seemed to be wandering after he finished year 12 but at our insistence found a job labouring at a golf course and was later taken on as a apprentice. He finished in August and found out last week that he had been nominated. The interview is this Wednesday and he has bought his first suit to wear - hopefully it makes it through race day tomorrow intact.

Today is very muggy with the promise of storms this afternoon.

My tip for tomorrow is "Leica Falcon" because I like the name. But I suppose you cant really go past Makybe Diva if she runs. She is such a champion and it would be wonderful if she won her third cup. Oh rats, I just realised that I may be at the dentists tomorrow when the cup is run - hope he has a TV.


  1. Great spirit Julie. You can do it. Cutting back a little each day is probably the best way you can tackle this. But not too low, otherwise you'll be hungry and tempted to binge.

    Whooo hooo for Melbourne Cup. I always pick by name, or colour, or lucky number. I know nothing about horses so always have fun just being part of the day.

    Hope you have a great day :)

  2. I am the same about horses - I have backed Diva for the last two years, don't want to break with tradition:)