Monday, October 24, 2005

Getting Started

Drinks with friends last night was not as successful as I had hoped but I didnt do as badly as I usually do. Took my really small wine glass with me which caused much hilarity, drank 3 glasses of wine rather than the one I had planned, and two small bottles of diet lemon, lime and bitters. Tried some bruschetta, ate some almonds and sampled a dip and that was it. Reduced my dinner intake when I got home and still came when I totalled up my tracker one point under. So even though I was a bit disappointed with not being in complete control (I really am a control freak) it wasnt too bad.

My aim this week is to cut down on the amount of tea and coffee I drink replacing it with herbal teas - peppermint, chamomile, dreamtime and one I have just tried - raspberry and peach. It is really yum. Hopefully there will not be too much withdrawal problems and Im not cutting tea and coffee out completely.

One of Dr Peeke's hints for Week One ( is "Watch out for perfectionism. That's not the goal. It's all about consistency. STrive for achieving your goals about 80 percent of the time. Some days you'll be 100 percent and others 50 percent. This aim is to average 80 percent. That's what most successful people do."

I guess yesterday was a 50 percent day but today is going to be a 100 percent day. Yah!

My other aim this week is to get my pedometer activated. Even though I cant walk very much (roll on operation) at the moment without a great deal of pain I want to start keeping a count of how many steps I do walk a day with the view of joining a walking challenge when I can walk in January.

DH finished laundry (except a power point needs moving) and it looks so good. He worked like a little trojan on the weekend and I really appreciated it. The lawns and edges all look great too especially after the rain we have had lately. I managed to deadhead the roses and pull out all the forget-me-knots and primulas that had gone to seed and were looking ratty.

All in all a good weekend all round.

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