Sunday, October 23, 2005

The sun is shining today, there is a lovely breeze stirring the curtains and jazz is playing on the CD player. All in all a wonderful day.

Day two (this is tedious but I know it will pass) went well. Saved some points and today is going just as well. If I find I am getting hungry I try to drink water hence I am travelling everywhere even at home with a water bottle.

DH is reorganising my laundry for me and it looks great. More shelves and he is having fun using his router. He has more plans yet. I think I may try tiling the walls - note to self: look up community college and see if there are any classes locally.

Trying to get DD to do her invitations to her 21st but she has swanned off to the beach. Might be a very small guest list if she doesnt pull her finger out.

Mum rang yesterday, all sweetness and light. I dont know whether she forgets the cruel and needless things she says or whether she chooses to ignore them. Anyway she overstepped the mark by a long way last Sunday and I dont think I will let this one slide.

My foot is really sore today - had to go shopping for girlfriends 50th birthday present and I was really hobbling. Will put my sneakers on with the othotics and that will help.

Must update my tracker - what a wonderful spreadsheet and great tool. Am trying to track this time religously.

Drinks tonight with friends (happens every Sunday night) will be a challenge. Will try to limit myself to one wine and then diet soft drink and home early. Am going to take salsa and vegies with me to nibble on. That's the plan anyway.

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  1. Hope the drinks go well tonight!
    Your mum sounds like