Tuesday, November 01, 2005

She's Off and Running.....

Managed to stay within points yesterday with the help of the gym session. DH opened a packet of jatz (a big weakness) when he got home yesterday and left them unguarded on the kitchen bench. After several forays into them I put them in a container and put them away. Worked like magic - out of sight out of mind. BUT I did count them in my points and cut back on other things.

The new canary is singing like pavrotti and driving everybody made (except me). He especially likes Kelly Clarkson. Hopefully he will bring a bit of spark back into Spikes life. They seem to be coexisting okay so far.

DD is a supervisor in a preschool centre and loves her kids muchly. She was telling us last night that they are making hats today and having picnic lunch outside (weather permitting) for race day. I did tell her that maybe some parents wouldnt approve but she will get around it somehow. She has always been great with small children (she has more patience with them then she does with me) and I am so happy she is doing this job. BUT (a day of BUTs) she wants to join the police force and has been going through the gruelling application process for what seems like eons. It has cost her a fortune in specialist bills as she has an innocent heart murmur which had to be checked out rigorously (ECGs and scans) and now it has been found that she doesnt have binocular vision. This has never affected her or anything she does but it may stop her application. Today she went for some sort of computer vision test and I normally go with her but as I had a rheumatologist appointment I couldnt go. I must admit sometimes I am like a lioness with a cub when it comes to her. We have always made them stand on their own two feet but I have been know to step (or stomp LOL) in when I feel that people are trying to pull something over her because of her age. I think it is one of the nicer things about getting older is that Im not scared to stand up for myself (albeit hopefully politely).

I think that this rant is now finished.

No it hasnt, she just rang test went well but opthamologist was a bit of a downer. She is going to ask the police force if she can get a second opinion as she is not very confident in his. I think he is past his use by date too!

Off to the dentist today (really am falling apart) to see about sore tooth. Hope he has a TV!

Gave DH my bets for the Cup. Just a tiny flutter. Changed one at the last moment which he wasnt happy with because, according to him, you dont change your bets but I just had a "feeling" this morning. DS has worked a couple of hours and gone to Randwick. Good Luck everyone and as Lee Freidman said yesterday, "Go the Diva"! Just heard it is raining in Melbourne at the moment.


  1. Good luck to DD for the Police Force. Hope you go OK at the Dentist. (oh how I hate going to the Dentist!)
    I agree, GO THE DIVA!!!! Hope she can be the first to do it 3 times!

  2. Hi Julie

    Thanks for the comment on my post. Hope you're having a great cup day. Beautiful and sunny here in Melbourne - I love that it's a public holiday here! (I just moved to Melb from Tassie)

    Yes, my tabouli is low fat - but it's a bastardised version of tabouli really - just some leftover couscous with chopped parsley and mint, some diced tomato and red capsium and lemon juice. I think real tabouli is made from burghul wheat, or something?! Whatever, it tastes pretty good.

    Enjoy the rest of your day :)

  3. Well hopefully your post means that you have had a good day on the cup today. Yaaaay for you and the Diva :)

    Hope all goes well with your DD and your health.