Monday, November 21, 2005

Weekend happenings

Aren't I clever - I managed to post two similar posts last week -heaven knows how.

Wine at Trivia on Friday night was not a problem because I was apparently the designated driver. Being the designated driver is not fun especially when most people are drinking copious quantities and getting silly. (Dont they know that's my job!) BUT I scored another adorable teddy bear out of the night. Mark was getting crotchety because it was so noisy and he is slightly deaf (from working with aeroplanes for eons)and the more alcohol he consumes the more pedantic he gets about the answers even when he is wrong. His favourite saying used to be "I thought I was wrong once but I was wrong" or something like that. Actually gave me a compliment on the way home saying I would have to be the best woman driver he has known (believe me this is a big compliment from him).

Tai Chi was wonderful again on Saturday morning even if I was very tired from Friday night. The movement is progressing and getting more complicated which is really taxing on this poor old memory. I also have trouble telling the difference of my left and right with Jorge telling me "the other left" or "the other right". I will be sad when classes finish but I will be back next year for more. It is such a pleasure to drive through the lovely leafy suburbs early in the morning to get there.
Afterwards it is back to the gym for leisurely breakfast and then on to pilates class.

Eventually got home after 1 and sat down to finish my book so that I could take it back to the library before 5 and promptly fell asleep. Woke with a start knowing I had to be somewhere but couldnt remember where. Oh the library. Anyway, I looked up the status of the book on the internet and found that nobody else had reserved it and I rang the library and explained that it wouldnt let me renew it over the internet because it was a new book but nobody else had reserved that copy and they very kindly renewed it for me for another 2 weeks. Stopped panicking and relaxed. Mind you I havent read anything since.

I wont finish my crosswords this month because I will have to post them on Tuesday so I will just send what I have completed rather than everything for the first time ever.

Did some gardening yesterday, planted out the rhododendrum that had been struggling in a pot for years into the garden, moved a small camellia. Lucy was intent on helping me dig the holes so I have had to put rocks around each plant to keep her out as I cant tell you how many plants she has relocated over the last two years. She also likes plastic pots, with or without plants, so I have also learnt not to put them within her reach. Lucy is my beautiful dog not my daughter.

We decided to stay home last night so I have a few wines and some pesto and my beloved jatz and dont forget a few sundried tomatoes. Oh well, I was good the rest of the day.

Margaret thanks for the warning about the rebound, I read your comment in the midst of rebounding. Made me stop - thanks again.

Have posted my measurements (finally remembered). As usual the cms are coming off my top half and not the middle bit where I am storing my extra food for next winter (the analogy of squirrels and nuts comes to mind) but I will keeping slogging away at it. The gym sessions are making this area more toned but no less bigger.

I am still reading about how I add my picture to my profile. Hopefully it will all become clear soon instead of gobbledegook. LOL.


  1. Anonymous11:14 AM

    Enjoy the journey...

  2. I was in despair of losing any cms off my legs, but now it finally seems to be moving. Just keep at it.

  3. I've got one of those middle bits that doesn't want to move as well - wouldn't it be great if we could chose where it came off from:)