Tuesday, November 22, 2005

Son For Sale

I couldnt believe what happened when I arrived home from the gym yesterday afternoon after work. Gareth's car was in the driveway and I could hear Lucy inside going ballistic because she heard me in the garage. Opened the door, hit by small ball of fur, called out hello - no answer. Went and opened his door - no one in there. Back door open but screen door shut - went out on deck and called out - no answer. Thought, is he hiding from me? Rang his mobile - with his girlfriend on their way to Port Stephens for a couple of days holiday. HE LEFT THE HOUSE OPEN AND THE DOG STUCK INSIDE! Honestly, if I could have reached him I would have happily strangled him at that moment. I sometimes wonder what planet he is from!

Okay, now I have got that off my chest back to normal. Decided not to mention this to Mark as it would make it worse and he has enough stress from work as it is.

He was home early from work today as he had to go to the doctors and get stitches removed from both arms where she had removed some sun cancers last week. They have turned out to be cancerous but she assured him that they got it all. The doctor has only been checking his arms and hands because they are quite noticeable on them but no where else so I am thinking of booking him into my dermatoligist to have a full body check. But you know some men really have to be pushed to do things like this and he is one of them. More nagging to follow.

Amended my tracker last night to not include Friday, Saturday and Sunday for this week as once again I have overindulged. At the moment it doesnt seem to matter too much because I am good for the other 5 days and it seems to be working okay but I know that this fairytale cannot continue much longer.

I really have to face this problem I have on the weekends. I love nibblies and of course my wine (both in copious quantities). We have so much wine that needs to be tasted (LOL) and Im thinking of joining another winery, Fox Creek Wines at McLaren Vale, because of their dog, Shadow. Oh damn, side tracked again talking about wine.

Anyway, its Tuesday again - Folk Art tonight but I dont think I will be painting. Need to finish off the crosswords and puzzles I have completed to post tonight. They wont mind - I think they are used to me doing other things. It is kind of my time out of the house and I tend to do things I have trouble finding the time for at home.

My sister has just rung, the company she works for closed two regional offices completely yesterday, and virtually closed hers as well. Her partner was made redundant but she wasnt (she wanted to be). There are only 5 people left in her office. They have diverted all the phones to Sydney so she in uncontactable on her work number and she is finding it hard to do her job. She sounds depressed. Poor thing.

These are difficult times and my weight problems are really quite minor compared to other peoples problems.


  1. Boys will be boys!!
    Good thing your DH had his spots checked out. Strange how we have to nag them so much to go to the Dr.
    Sounds like Folk Art is a nice get together anyway even if you don't paint. Have fun.

  2. My husband was the same until my daughter got onto him and off he went to the docs!

    The son story sounds familar!

  3. WOW look at those measurement changes. That is fantastic in one month Julie. Well done.

    And LOL at your son. Even though it is not funny. This is something else I have to be on guard for in 13 years time. Thanks for that. :D