Saturday, November 05, 2005

Good movie watching weather

Went over points last night. Went to the Comedy Store. Boy was I running late to meet DH. By about 35 minutes. Couldnt contact him because he refuses to have a mobile phone - so I just got agitated. Went to pub but they said they would take about 20 minutes to get dinner and he said we didnt have time so walked down to cab rank and cabs were pulling up short to pick up passengers not at the rank, driving past with their lights on etc etc. At this point I felt like cutting my losses and going home but we eventually got a cab and ended up at the entertainment quarter. Met up with other friends, luckily we did, because we were on our way to the Hordern Pavillion but it wasnt there. Anyway it all turned out good but we didnt get home until midnight and I went straight to bed, make-up and all, because I knew that I had to get up early for Tai Chi. Anyway Ive been slightly off track all day but I should be back on track tomorrow.

Nice and cool and rainy today.

Watched a DVD "The Wedding Date" which was a perfect chick flick and a good ironing movie.

Got new book today from the library - the latest John Berendt book which off the top of my head I think is called "Falling Angels". Anyway I only have two weeks to read it so I had better get cracking.

Looking forward to tracking well this week.


  1. It gets a bit like that sometimes. What is done is done, and you now have the choice on what happens next. Like not eat all the chocolate covered teddy biscuits in the pantry - oh yeah - that is what happened in my house LOL.

    Have a great day tomorrow Julie :)

  2. My hubby won't use a mobile frustrating!!!

  3. Thank you for visiting my blog. We hav esome similarities..similar age, married around 30 years,similar weights at moment, almost grown children..and honeymoon in NZ. Have a good week. I will be popping back soon.

  4. Hi Julie - thanks for visiting my blog and for your lovely encouraging comments.

    Hope you have a great week this week :)