Thursday, November 24, 2005


I am suffering withdrawal symptons by not being able to read other blogs. I cant believe how hectic it is a work, home etc at the moment. I really shouldnt be doing this but what the hell.

The stress of a daughter who somehow thinks that everything is going to just fall into place next Saturday week and a husband who is complaining about the lack of organisation while not having done anything to help, is starting to tell. Have spent the last hour trying to organise a cake for daughter who doesnt want your plain old run of the mill birthday cake but a cup cake cake (you know stack of cup cakes arranged in tiers). Found someone willing to hire me a stand but they were out in the western suburbs and out of my time line although very nice and helpful. Have ended up buying one from a Melbourne company who will post it to me today and I should get it by Monday. Everyone cross your fingers now! Next the bloody cupcakes - have found a bakery at North Sydney who will make 80 for me for $140.00. (The cheapest so far). This means that I will have to take next Friday off and drive to North Sydney to pick the cakes up if this meets with madam's approval. The colours are probably going to be unacceptable. Asked her about balloons last night and was told that she expects them but doesnt have time to get them. She has other 21sts to go to etc etc.

Sorry about the rave but I am being stretched to the limit at the moment.

Luckily the boss is out of the office for a few hours so I should be able to get a few things done (other than personal things) today without constant interruptions and bright ideas.

Sadly, am not expecting a great weigh in tonight. Was trundling along okay until last nights discussions about the cake with grumpy husband and daughter. Then proceeded to eat some of the leftover lasagne from their dinner, 2 glasses of wine and two (two Suzy) Bulla ice creams. All the time telling myself I was an idiot for letting everything get to me yet again and compensating in the worst way. I know I know but I was not listening to the little voice of reason. I dont think a little voice is enough, maybe it should have joined the yelling to get through.

Biggest loser final shows are on tomorrow night in Sydney just in case anyone missed the TV guide. They are being really sneaky with this show (for reasons only known to the programmers) and we nearly missed the one that they showed on Sunday night rather than Monday night but luckily noticed it in the TV guide in time.

Jess has just rung and she is happy with the cakes and stand (well at the moment anyway) so just have to work out the balloons, food and drinks and Ive finished. Hopefully will have time to purchase a new dress that doesnt make me look too lumpy.

Had an early call from Mum this morning. I think that she is venturing further and further into lala land. She is coming to the 21st which is good although she will have a horrible time as usual, but she wanted to speak to Jess so I work her up and it was to ask her why she kept sending Mum SMSs about cleaning her room etc. Jess had no idea what she was talking about but to her credit remained bright and cheery throughout the conversation assuring her that it wasnt her. Will check her phone myself when I next see her because I dont think she knows how to delete messages - she barely knows how to use the phone.

Middle sister got the redundancy she wanted yesterday so she is happy for the moment. She is off to Centrelink to see what she is entitled to - pensionwise. Doesnt know what the package is yet so hopefully it is good. Cross your toes this time. LOL.

This was meant to be a short post - sorry!
:o| (me clenching my teeth)


  1. Bloody kids - think we have all the time in the world just for them! Make sure you fit in finding yourself a new dress - you deserve to feel great too!

  2. They just don't think at times - sounds like you have loads on your plate!

  3. lol@ sue's comment!!

    Thanks for telling about biggest loser final - I only saw sunday's show because I taped the Kylie concert that was on before!!

    Have a great weekend:)