Tuesday, November 29, 2005

Bun time is fun time - not

Thanks for all your kind comments.

Today has been sort of better except for the bun that boss bought for morning tea. Started off doing the right thing and declining and he said I saw you eating sweet biscuits at morning tea yesterday. I explained about how I shouldnt have and how I beat myself up about it all day and missed desert last night and afternoon tea to bring myself in under the points and then HAD a very small piece of bun. Sometimes I am hopeless. More wine tonight. Elderly neighbour with a weight problem called in with pressie for Jess and I asked her if she wanted a drink thinking she would say no but guess what, she said "I shouldnt but I will" so I opened a new bottle of verdelho and we had a drink and chatted. My points were slightly over without taking in the bun because I couldnt estimate how many points were in it. Oh well.

BUT, this is a long story, I came home to get changed before I caught the train to Chatswood to get my foot xrayed. I tried on my usual pants and they were very loose so I tried on one of those special pair of pants that Im sure we all have in our cupboard that hasnt fit for ages (if ever)and tried them on. I could do them up! but the muffin dough that was going on above the waist band was quite hilarious so back to the loose pants and a bit of comfort.

Tomorrow is the end of rollover preparation at work (end of financial year in education) and everything is kind of going to plan.

First I have to see the foot surgeon at 8 am.

Wish me luck!

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  1. Good luck with your foot and your end of year work.