Friday, November 04, 2005

Yo Yo girl

Weighed in last night at 69.5 so a loss of 500 grams which isnt too shabby but I would have liked more.

Moods swinging up and down - must be hormonal (at least I hope it is). Bit sad last night for whatever reason, I really dont know, so there are no more noughts and crosses left - ate everyone. Oh well.

At least I am back in the sixties again, even if it is just back in the sixties.

New computer just arrived. Really flash looking and the CD slot thingey (like the technical lingo, LOL) is on the side. It is the newest Mac I think. At the moment I have three computers in my office - hopefully the radiation wont affect me too badly.

Off to the comedy show at the Hordern Pavillion tonight with DHs work mates. We are having dinner at a pub near Central that a friend has been working on (actually two friends - one the architect and the other the interior designer) then catching a cab to Fox Studios which is great because it means less walking for me. Am going to wear my sneakies anyway and change into "going out" shoes when I get there. Hopefully getting a cab back to Central wont be a hassle.

If we are late home, T'ai Chi might be a struggle tomorrow but DH is playing golf early so he mightn't want to stay out late. The trouble is once he has a few drinks, he forgets how old he is and how tired he gets, and turns into the original little party animal. Quite funny to watch actually - but only if you are not married to him and want to go home.

If its a rainy weekend and I cant get into the garden I might follow M's example and clean out my wardrobe, or go to the local craft market and see if I can find a deep tray I can paint my santas on or Parklea markets and buy a new birdcage for Rosso and Spike. So many things to do so little time to do them - have a good one!


  1. Well done on the loss and being a 60's girl. Have fun at the markets.

  2. Congrats on the loss Julie - whoooo hoooooo 60's girl.