Thursday, November 03, 2005


I've just read Philippa's post about teenage girls and obsessions with their weight. It was very thought provoking and made me think I may send it to a friend who is a food tech teacher at the local girls high school. Maybe she could use it to help these young women open their eyes. I am lucky that my daughter is naturally slim like her dad (at least for the moment) so I did not have the worry in her teenage years of her obsessing about her weight - puberty with its hormonal changes are hard enough both on the children and their families - without this extra pressure. I only just survived her puberty - I thought I had lost my beautiful daughter who had turned into a sullen, non communicative person but she has finally emerged again (or nearly). Cant stop her talking and telling us everybit of her day and her generosity and kindness of heart is humbling. She still has her moments but thankfully they are becoming less and less. So much so that when my husband was talking about our retirement the other day he mentioned moving to Western Australia - and my simple remark was "you are not taking me away from my daughter". She can move away from me but I will not move away from her. Anyway thank you Philippa for your insightful post.

Have 18 points left for today and weigh-in tonight. Will have to be very careful with points today as aside from some shopping I dont plan to do much exercise although I could go for a swim when I get home. I saw in the latest WW mag that breaststroke uses more points than freestyle which is lucky because my freestyle is not sustainable over long distances but I can do breaststroke for quite a while although perhaps not half an hour.

Speaking of the latest WW mag they have named the slimmer of the year and all the finalists. What an amazing bunch of people. It is an inspirational read.

The group that has been staying at work left this morning so I have been able to shut all the windows and doors and turn the airconditioning back on and the building is cooling down nicely. It is another hot and steamy day in Sydney and I dont think that we are going to get a storm tonight. They have promised one nearly every night but nothing has eventuated as yet.

DS dropped in yesterday afternoon to pay his sister her winnings before he spent them. He said his interview went well but it was just for the Rotary Apprentice of the Year which is across all trades, not the TAFE one. I am slightly confused about all this and he was still tired and emotional from a big cup day. He may not have been able to drink much at the track but I think he made up for it later in the night.

Finally got some of DD's 21st invitations posted this morning. Now hopefully people will reply by the designated date. Ive noticed over the last couple of years that people dont - is this a new trend? It is not just the young people either.

Received an invitation to a family wedding which is being held down at the beach before Christmas. Should be gorgeous but, on the invitation, rather than wedding presents they are asking for a contribution to pay for their honeymoon. A bridal register has been set up at a travel agency so that you can buy a gift certificate for them. It took me a while to get used to bridal registers but now I think they are okay and make life easier for me but I feel a little strange about this idea. I think I may be a bit oldfashioned. The couple have been living together for a while so they probably dont need any household goods so this is probably a good idea.

Oh well, back to work


  1. Good on you for passing that info on.. i wish I was taught at school what we all know now...

  2. I am glad I don't have

  3. The ww slimmers are really inspirational. I love reading all about them too.

    I hope you have a lovely day :)

  4. I'm with you on the swimming - much rather do breast-stroke. Just can't get the breathing right on freestlye!