Wednesday, November 09, 2005

A scorcher

It is so hot here today. I will be surprised if there are no bushfires reported.

I didnt go to the gym but came home to have a swim instead. If 30 mins breaststroke equals 6.5 points than I can surely keep it up for 10 mins which should earn me at least 2 points shouldnt it? Anyway it has to be more refreshing than the gym today.

I am swamped at work at the moment and also at home. That is entirely my fault. I have my days mapped out pretty much so that doesnt leave a lot of time for hiccups or deviations which in turn leads to stress (me). I now have three computers in my office while they wait to transfer my files to the new one which is a pain as it means that things have been moved and I cant find anything. I printed off some papers today and put them down somewhere - it took me most of the day to find where I had left them. (I know Im whinging but its been that sort of day.)

Foodwise Im doing fine this week - mainly because I dont have anything too fattening in the house (Suzy - I ate all the Bulla lite icecreams as predicted I would). Last night was the first time I have been to folk art and not heard the siren call of the biscuit plate which I am still finding amazing nearly 18 hours later.

But I still feel frumpy. I mustlook for my summer work uniform. It is probably just the heat. (There I go again! - Stop me please). Before my swim I am going to have a quick read of some blogs. They never fail to inspire me or make me laugh. Im so glad I found you all.
Cherish the good times and take care
Quote of the day: I'm glad my inner process hangs in with me. Sometimes I'm a slow learner.


  1. A swim sounds great.

    Oh well, at least the Bulla are low in points (even a whole packet of them). They are so yummy though aren't they. I just chopped one up and blended it with light milk and black coffee that I had frozen and sprinkled coffee on top and had a very yummy iced coffee.

    It was a horrible rainy, cooler day here today. I went shopping but couldn't get inspired because of the weather. It is hard to know what to wear cause one day it is cold and the next day hot.

    We are glad we found you too!

  2. Better to be a slow learner than someone who refuses to learn at all :)

    LOL we are a funny bunch with the weather aren't we. We complain when it is too cold or too hot to exercise. I know I do. Any excuse I think :)

    Have a great day Julie.