Friday, November 25, 2005

Power of positive thinking

Okay everything is finally organised - I think - and Im feeling slightly calmer. I actually think it might all come together.

Looking at myself this morning got me thinking about how things change, seemingly with every major decade change. I cant be specific about 30 because I dont really remember (something that happens after 50 - memory loss) and I was in the middle of having children but I remember at 40 everything seemed to drop, literally. LOL. I found that truly amazing.

And now in my 50's Ive lost my waist (although I am trying to get a bit back). I know it is probably perfectly normal but I dont feel old. My mind still trys to tell me Im not old but my body and in particular my skin is definitely yelling old at me.

Brought home last night when I downloaded my photo (I am getting there, Margaret has given me instructions on how to put it in my profile - I think it was "photo editing for dummies" - my words not hers, she is much too gracious) and I got a close up look at my skin in the photo. Bugger when did that happen and are my mirrors lying to me?! I probably dont stand close enough to them to see the damage and my eyesight is not what it used to be. LOL.

Weigh in last night showed no loss or gain which is okay I suppose because I have been really BAD this week, sometimes letting the black cloud descend (see Michelle it happens to all of us).

Read my WW book this morning and it is about "Think yourself slim". Something that was written was "You've come too far to be told what to do by a bar of chocolate (insert icecream, glass of wine, lasagne in there). The advice is to plan ahead and
picture yourself in control of situations and something I really have to practice is slowing down my eating. I eat so fast and am always the first finished. I dont know why Im like this but it could have something to do with not feeling I have time to waste by sitting still and eating.

Anyway this week is THINK POSITIVE. Lots on - visitors in Sydney from France because of new plane so Mark thinks we may take them to the Hunter on Sunday for a day visit. Think Positive - I really dont need to taste the wines as I know most of them backwards up there so maybe just a sip here and there. Lunch will be as simple as I can find and no dessert. It actually will be nice to be up there in summer when the vines are in leaf as we usually go in Winter when everything is bare (nice weather for a fire and a red).

Pre-op X-rays and surgeon visits next week, I have to drive to North Sydney to pick up cake on Friday (havent driven to North Sydney in yonks but when I looked at the street directory it all came back to me so I think I will be fine).

I am probably taking a break from the gym sessions starting today as it will just allow me and extra hour in each day to do other things so my stress levels will go down but I will be back at the gym on Monday week for a few more visits before the op. Of course I will still be going to Tai Chi and maybe pilates.

Anyway, postive thoughts:
I can lose weight
I will eat healthily today

I will repeat these thoughts 20 times so that these thoughts become habit.

Following Margaret's instructions I will try to get my picture up and running tonight or tomorrow.
Have a great weekend everyone


  1. I'm sure the reason our eyesight fails as we get older is so we CAN'T see the mirror so well. Some sort of mercy myopia!

  2. Excellent post Julie and some very inspiring words.

    Hope you have a wonderful weekend, and I look forward to seeing your photo!

  3. Great post Julie - and one that I really can relate to!!

  4. I am 50 next year and I have decided to start a trend of menopausal women who are fit, happy and healthy. Like you, I don't feel old either, except when I have to hold everything at arm's length to see it properly!

    I always eat really fast too! It annoys me but I can't seem to change. I guess it comes from years of being too busy to sit down and eat slowly.

    Glad you are feeling positive. Keep it up!