Thursday, November 10, 2005

Letting Go

Have officially give up trying to do everything for this week (a big concession from this little control freak). I am working later today, back in earlier in the morning, then the funeral, then back to work to work late again - no time for gym or house cleaning this week. But who really cares - there are more important things like friends and family to think about.

Jess (daughter) has accepted a job offer at a different preschool for next year. She is so excited. She will be working 10 hour days but will get a day off a week and one rostered day off a month plus time to do her programming. So much better than where she works at the moment but she will miss her littlies.

I did 34 laps of the pool yesterday in about 10 minutes. Its only a normal home pool about 9m I think and towards the end there was a lot of gliding off and on the wall but I think it was nicer than sweating it out in the gym. Then one of Gareth's old school friends turned up. He has been in Tasmania for 4 years do a uni degree in marine biology and has now finished and come home. Well, I had to have a drink with him while we found Gareth and waited for him to come home (it was the social thing to do LOL). BUT with a little bit of juggling I still have managed to finish the week quite well. Although Margaret, I found myself sneaking food last night when I was cleaning up the kitchen (so sad) but at least I realised I was doing it and stopped.

Weigh in tonight. I feel better, dare I say slimmer. I will remeasure next week to see if I have lost any cms.

Weatherman saying bad storm on the way. Hope I get home in time to rescue Lucy the wonderdog from scary thunder. Off the check the radar and finish some more work.


  1. Hope your weigh-in went okay and that you save your dog from the weather menace. Our dog isn't scared of thunder and not even slightly fazed by fireworks. At first I worried he was deaf, but really it's just because he's so stupid!

  2. Hope things are going well!
    It poured here most of the day:(

  3. Well done for stopping the beast. I am still having trouble but have had a huge talk to it tonight and put it in the time-out chair for the week. I'll just take it a week at a time.

    You are doing really well Julie :D