Wednesday, November 02, 2005

Once, Twice, Three Times a Lady

Just managed to sneak in my points yesterday. On a visit to supermarket found noughts and crosses jube-type things. They looked quite big on the packet but when I opened them there are individual packs with little-bitty jubes. Anyway, a packet is 1 point so I included that. With just a little bit more tweaking I will get my points down to normal this week but I wont have any spare - drats. Went to folk art last night and was strong for the second week in a row. Took my own skim milk, had herbal for the second cuppa and valiantly resisted the biscuits. Its funny, I had just finished dinner when I went to folk art so hunger wasnt a problem, but I looked at those biscuits and knew that I could have polished off two or three of them no trouble even though I wasnt hungry. Anyway I didnt - woohoo for me (makes a change from earlier in the week).

I was so glad that Makybe Diva won yesterday. Didnt get to see it at 3 because the dentist didnt have a TV that I could see. DS rang and told me the results (he backed her) and I watched the race when I got home. I had tears in my eyes watching it. She is such a great horse. May she have a wonderful retirement.

Re visit to dentist - he couldnt find anything wrong with my teeth and gave me some sensodyne toothpaste to try. He packed the tooth with fluoride and said to wait and see if it settles down as he didnt want to start fiddling with the filling without knowing what was in store. I guess I will just wait and see if it does settle down. Actually he was a nice dentist, very young, but then everyone is very young to me lately.

Have just had a visit from a young water dragon. He climbed up the tree outside my window (so funny I could only see his knees on either side of the trunk) and then jumped on the roof.

My new computer is arriving at work tomorrow and the tech will come and install it on Friday. Everytime this happens there is a steep learning curve for me because everything seems to change. We use Macs at work which I love as they are so user friendly but I also have to use a PC for the finance program. I am going to install virtual PC on the Mac to see if that will make it any easier but I somehow doubt it.

Weigh in tomorrow night - looking forward to seeing if I have managed to reign in the excesses of the weekend. My poor goldfish on my ticker - maybe I should have made it a salmon swimming against the current LOL.

Lists are still working okay even though I got a bit testy last night about the perceived lack of help from the other people in the household but maybe it just comes down to me not explaining my needs clearly enough. I also tend to play the matyr a bit (hence the comments about "can anybody smell burning matyr" from the peanut gallery). Need to calm down. As I get more into T'ai Chi I intend to somehow get up earlier and practice it although I have reverted to getting up in the dark now daylight saving has started so maybe not for a little while yet. Oh goodness - who knows when and where I will be able to do this. One thing I do know is I have to get comfortable light shoes to do it as the whole time is spent on your feet and I need to be able to wear my orthotics. Doing it in my gym sneakers at the moment but they are a bit heavy. Maybe I can ask Santa.

Missed Fraser last night due to above tantrum but DD has told me that she will start buying me, for Christmas, Mothers Day and Birthdays the series on DVD now that we have collected all the SeaChange ones.

Sorry I keep jumping around with different things - my friends do say that I have a grasshopper mind and that it can be sometimes hard to keep up.

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  1. Yes Well done Makybe Diva!

    Hope your tooth has settled down. Good luck at weigh in and hope Santa does bring you some light shoes for Tai CHi.