Tuesday, November 15, 2005

Shining On...

It is a lovely very hot morning this morning with a promise of a southerly change.

Jess has just rung and let me know that the last two or three invites have gone out. Will have to ring venue and find out what we have to do, probably just pay more money. She bought herself a VCR/DVD player for her bedroom last weekend so that has further reduced fights with her father over who watches what. We all have a TV now except Gareth who doesnt watch TV much anyway. Peace should reign in my household. Stupid isnt it?

Yesterday was a good food day although I forgot to fill out my tracker. I think the tracker is great but I am going to modify it a bit by adding a sugar column and an exercise column as both those items have maximum point limits and I think it would help me decide what to eat especially towards the end of the week and whether or not to get a bit more mobile.

Gym session was okay yesterday but I feel that I am getting a bit stale. I really miss walking with Lucy and checking out the neighbourhood. I really really miss running but I know I probably wont be doing that ever again except maybe on a treadmill.

My garden looks beautiful at the moment. The roses have really loved the rain but the humidity will do a lot of damage soon. The lawns are greening up (I have a lawn maniac for a husband)and everything is growing at a rate of knots. My lawn maniac is very tolerant as son is a greenkeeper who practices on our lawn, not always with great results.

Had a thought that I might not go to folk art tonight and stay home and read my book but I would miss the girls, the tea and the chatter so I will just have to read lots tomorrow and hey, if I dont finish it I will put my name down again so that I can finish it.

Happy thoughts to everyone today.


  1. Have just caught up on your journal - so sorry to hear of what your friends have being going through - really tragic.

    Take care.

  2. I just realised what I've done - I had saved your journal as a favourite BUT had save only the October section - so everytime I went to check it I couldn't see the updates!! I sort of thought - hope she's doing o.k. as hasn't updated since Oct 31st - senior moment:)

  3. Isn't is great when the sun comes out and everything looks lovely this time of the year. Makes us feel so much brighter I think.

  4. Hi Julie

    Have caught up on your last few entries and I was so sorry to hear about what has happened to your friends. We had a death in the family a fortnight ago - she was 30 - so I can sympathise, it's an awful thing to go through.

    Thank you for your beautiful comment on my post last week.

    My roses have already fallen victim to humidity, but at least my vegies are doing well! Pumpkin started coming up this morning :)

    Have a great rest of the week xx