Wednesday, November 16, 2005

Sleepy, Sneezy - I think I'm a Dwarf

Am feeling a bit lethagic today and have been quite sneezy lately too . Dont know what is wrong, am having trouble getting out of bed in the mornings and if it wasnt so busy at work I would be thinking about having a doona day. Today would have been a good doona day - cold, windy and rainy. Hope the lethagy isnt from daylight saving cos that means that I have a stacks more time to go before I start feeling jetlagged.

Have nearly finished my second crossword for this months competitions. Knowing my sisters they probably finished weeks ago. Oh well, neither of them work full time.

Have driven the new car to work for the third day in a row but probably will go back to my little zippy 121 tomorrow. When southerly came through yesterday Mark rang me to see how the car was as he had heard thunder and was worried about hail or falling branches. LOL. I enquired as to whether he would like me to take it home and garage it and bring mine back (lucky I live close) but sanity prevailed. He is hopeless with new things - paranoid is the word I think. Doesnt matter whether it is carpet, furniture or cars or who could forget the polished floors inspection. He is a dear man but can be a dingbat at times but then again, cant we all.

Yesterday was a bit of a disaster with the diet. Finding the afternoons hard again but I am going to the gym today after work so I wont be home alone in the kitchen for as long. Dinner was a long and interesting time last night with the entire family finally in one place at one time. Lots of laughter and a few glasses of wine (me). Everyone is so busy nowadays that it is hard to all sit down together.

After all my uhming and ahhing yesterday didnt go to folk art last night. P had a uni assignment to finish by today so we postponed our get together for a week. It was nice to stay home and watch Fraser (one of my favourites). Cant believe that next week is the last episode.

Caught up with Biggest Loser too last night (I tape lots). I felt so sorry for Matt when he voted Mark off. But doesnt Mark look great. I find it a really interesting show. Probably one of the few I watch.

Aside from the tiredness I feel great. I am going to take measurements tomorrow so I can see if I have lost any cms. This is exciting. Can I say just one thing, nothing against WW as I am following their diet plan again and it does work but I am getting more help and support from the bloggers and that is motivating me more to keep going.
So thanks to you all from the bottom of my heart. Because of you all I think I can do it this time.


  1. I agree Julie, the motivation we receive from our blogs is what really keeps us going. That's the main reason I started mine because I was about half way to goal and could feel the motivation waning.

    I know what you mean about being sleepy - I've been absolutely buggered since Sunday. I slept in to an ungodly hour this morning and was heartily ashamed of myself. My lovely husband told me that it's better to get the rest you need than to get up early and be grumpy! Wise words indeed.

    Hope you have an excellent rest of the week :)

  2. Your title made me laugh. I think we are all finding it hard to get out of bed at the moment. Perhaps the delay in the cold weather or something else in the air.

    I love the biggest loser and I do feel for Matt but he also annoys me so much with his grumpy face and jacked up body when he gets up to weigh.

    I think Mark looked fabulous with the weight he had lost. I would be much happier with him guarding my life now. :)