Thursday, November 17, 2005

Aussie Aussie Aussie, Oi Oi Oi

Okay Ive checked some blogs and found out what people are up to.

I think Ive just offended a friend a little bit. She rang for obviously a long long chat but Thursdays is really busy (Im doing this in my morning tea break)and I had to ring off. Will ring her back this afteroon when I get home and suggest afternoon tea. She has retired (although she is really too young to call it retired) and I think she has forgotten how busy work can get.

It is wonderful that the Socceroos have won I know but I did try to go to bed last night reasonably early but the noise from the family room (husband and daughter) made that impossible. Not to mention the fact that they came in and jumped on me when it finished. They were so excited. Mark is hopeless to watch sport with on the TV or even at the game but I think the TV is worse. He yells at the TV continually. I have explained that they cant hear him but I think it makes him feel better. LOL.

Got a duster sample in the mail yesterday, I think called "Grab-It". It is really good for the venetians but I think I filled it up in about 2 minutes. It went from a fluffy white mop type thing to a very sad grey dustladen mop type thing in no time at all. I hang my head in shame suzy.

My sister has just rung. She works for a certain telecommunications company in a regional office and thinks that on Monday she and the rest of the staff may be out of a job. It is being done fairly sneakily and they have only found out what might happen through a slip up. She is not too worried in fact is looking forward to redundancy but there are others that rely on the job. This world can be crappy sometimes. Anyway, I hope that they are wrong.

Jess has to go and have more eye tests done as part of her police application. It is looking more and more like it is not going to eventuate but she is hanging in there. She is nothing if not tenacious.

Weigh in tonight. Not sure how I am going to go as I have had several blow-outs this week but hopefully I will not have put on any extra weight.

Further to the toothache I had a couple of weeks ago - it is really strange. I stopped using the whitening toothpastes (both Colgate and Sensodyne) and reverted to just plain old toothache and the pain has just about gone. Now isnt that weird?


  1. Yeah, go the Aussies!!!!

    Good luck for weigh in tonight :)

  2. Hope your weigh-in went well tonight.

  3. LOL at the dust. I get too scared to dust in here sometimes then have to run around and do it really quickly.

    Yaaaay for the Aussies.