Friday, November 11, 2005

A happy sad day

This is only a very short post. I weighed in at 68.6kgs - a loss of 900g. Yahoo!!!

It has been a very busy day - in a work at 7.30, then to the funeral - the service was very moving and went for 2 hours, then to the cemetry for the burial and then home to pick up food and back to friends home for the wake or celebration of their daughters life.

It was a huge funeral with not everybody fitting into the church.

I have come back to work to finish up a few things but the father has asked us to go back tonight so we probably will.

Such a sad, hectic day. Makes me count my blessings and hope that it never happens to me.

As you probably can see my weather pixie hasnt worked. Will try again tomorrow to rectify it. I really am a computer klutz.



  1. Congratulations on the loss! Fantastic

    Sorry to hear about the death of your friends daughter and the funeral. It would have been a very sad day


  2. Well done on the great loss.

    It must be so hard for those poor people to lose their child. Very sad time.

  3. Julie, I only just read the post about the sad passing of the girls. I hope my comments on your last post re the sneaking beast wasn't too frivolous. I just didn't know.

    Well done on your loss. In these trying times it would have been a hard thing to do.

    If you need help with your weather pixie just let me know.

    M xx